“At Egon Zehnder, we aim to protect our consultants in a number of ways, including offering regular health assessments. It is proven that a healthy workforce produces better results and by encouraging our people to undergo comprehensive medical checks, we are ensuring we have a healthy, motivated team in place.

In our competitive profession, we simply cannot afford to take the health of our consultants for granted. We feel good knowing that we are protecting the health of both our employees and our business, giving everyone concerned reassurance and peace of mind.

Preventicum offers a very professional service, from the initial discussions with their Business Development team who put together a detailed proposal based on our requirements, right through to the booking procedure and the timely arrival of the full medical reports direct to the individual consultants.

The administrative and medical teams are professional and highly experienced, making the whole experience enjoyable and efficient from every angle.

I would not hesitate to recommend Preventicum to other organisations looking to protect their key staff and ultimately their business."

Andy Cuthbertson

Preventicum Check-Ups represent a long term investment for your business, to ensure a highly motivated and effective workforce.

We live in a world of ever-increasing pressure in the workplace where more and more employees are taking time off to cope with stress and illness. Preventicum Check-Ups represent a long term investment for your business, to ensure a highly motivated and effective workforce.

Why should we choose Preventicum?

A company’s people are its most valuable asset and looking after key individuals within a workforce is crucial to the smooth running and success of the business as a whole. Taking the physical wellbeing of employees more seriously can result in significant benefits to a company, which in turn can lower absenteeism, improve productivity, reduce staff turnover and improve employer-employee relations. Addressing health issues before they arise can positively affect the whole organization. Introducing a health assessment scheme for your staff can have significant benefits to the employee and the business but there are tax benefits as well. Since April ’09, medical check-ups offered to employees by their employer are tax exempt. Employers are no longer penalised for offering their key people a thorough health assessment. Preventicum works with a large number of organisations of various sizes across many different industries. Our experience enables us to create a bespoke package for your company and its needs. Please see our testimonials below to see just some of the positive things that they say about us.

Benefits of becoming a Preventicum corporate client

  • A tiered pricing structure
  • A dedicated member of the admin team to deal with your employees bookings and queries
  • Medical Check-Ups offered to employees are tax exempt
  • Benefits to a company include: lower absenteeism, improved productivity, reduction of staff turnover and an improvement of employer-employee relations

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If you would like further information about our corporate rates and the benefits of becoming a corporate client, please call 020 7605 6900 or email