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Our Clinic

At Preventicum you will have your own private en-suite room for the duration of your Check-Up.  You will find everything you need to stay in contact with your office or relax: telephone, Wi-Fi, Media Centre PC, wireless charging points and refreshments. Our en-suite rooms are also equipped with all that you could need to prepare for your Check-Up; hairdryers, towels, bathrobes and tracksuits are standard for all clients. You will be served a nutritious lunch during your time with us.

For clients with longer distances to travel we can also recommend hotels which are situated nearby.

  • Convenient yet discreet location in Central London
  • Private room for each client with Media Centre PC, telephone and wireless charging points
  • Nutritious lunch before results consultation
  • Fully stocked en-suite shower room, hairdryer and tracksuit provided
  • Central London location