Good Night. Sleep Right.

Preventicum speaks to Nick Littlehales, Elite Sport Sleep Coach and International author of ‘Sleep’.   Can a good nights’ sleep make a difference for the…Read More

Preventicum Opening Times 2019/2020

Please note that Preventicum will be closed for the festive season from Tuesday 24th December, re-opening on Thursday 2nd January.

Alcohol and You

As we move into the festive party season, the association with drinking alcohol is as deep-rooted as ever, driven by social norms, with strong cultural…Read More

Know Your Numbers!

Have you ever been told that you have high blood pressure? What is it, and why it is important?  Have you ever wondered what those…Read More

Preventicum Launches Elite Check-Up

Preventicum are delighted to confirm the launch of their ‘Elite’ Check-Up with bookings now being taken. Several years in the making, the ‘Elite’ is aimed…Read More

How much do you really drink?

Many people underestimate their alcohol consumption due to a lack of knowledge on how to accurately work out the unit content of alcoholic drinks. In…Read More