“A genuinely premium service of value.” Simon Bentley
Dear Garry, thank you to you and your team for the medicals you provided to me and my family over the last couple of months. I think you have a great set up and have recommended you to all my friends.   A.M.
“Further to attending a full health check at Preventicum, Dr Savin diagnosed a heart murmur which was unknown to me. During your assessment of my health, you had also mentioned that I was severely deficient in vitamin D. Following an appointment with a cardiologist, I was operated on to repair the mitral valve. I am currently recuperating at home and after just 3 weeks, I am feeling much better. I would very much like to thank you for having diagnosed the heart murmur which led me to this preventative open heart surgery. I found this check up very valuable, life-saving.”   Mr K Majithia    

The whole experience was made pleasurable by an excellent team. Many thanks

Will Smith

“In January 2014 my company sent me for a routine check up with Preventicum. As far I was concerned I was relatively fit and healthy but thought it would be worthwhile to have the full check up. I was told that day something was showing up on my MRI colonography scan that needed urgent follow up within two weeks. It turned out to be early colon cancer. I had no symptoms! I am now doing well after treatment. The specialist I saw later told me if it hadn’t been picked up then, I probably wouldn’t be alive next year! I am so glad I went to Preventicum that day. I am so glad I am able to write this today!

That was a day that changed my life, that gave me a life I would not have today!

A.T. 55

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