“I was impressed with the efficient and friendly way in which the check-up was conducted.” Dr Roberts

Concluding consultation

At the end of your Check-Up, you will have a same-day results consultation with your Preventicum Doctor. You will also have a consultation with our Radiologist who will go through the 100’s of images from your MRI scans and will take you on a virtual tour of your body including a DVD of your images to take home.  A full written report with personalised trend analysis will follow within twelve working days. If you wish, we can also send your results to your GP.

Risk analysis

Early diagnosis is only useful if relevant action is taken to reduce future risks. Therefore we will also discuss any appropriate lifestyle changes that could help lower your long-term risk of specific conditions.

Further investigation and treatment

In the event of any abnormal results, our doctors will be able to arrange further tests or consultations with the appropriate specialists, if you wish. The Preventicum team will be available for additional information at any time after your initial Check-Up