Elite Check-Up

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Our top-tier ‘Elite’ Check-Up is aimed at clients who have specific concerns about their physical health and are looking to improve their general fitness and stamina. The Elite takes approximately 6½ hours and includes detailed initial and results consultations with a Preventicum doctor and the opportunity to view and discuss your MRI scans with one of our Consultant Radiologists. This Check-Up is usually offered to clients aged 35 and over, however, if you are below this age and would still like to book the Elite assessment, please contact our bookings team to discuss.

  • One-to-one consultation with a Preventicum doctor
    Lasting up to 60 minutes, you will have the opportunity to discuss your current health, medical and family history and any concerns you may have.
  • Detailed physical examination with a Preventicum doctor
  • Results consultation with a Preventicum Radiologist
    During this consultation, one of our highly experienced Radiologists will take you on a virtual tour viewing hundreds of personalised MRI scan sequences, including a video of your beating heart. Images are shown on a 55” LCD, ultra HD screen in exquisite detail and you will be given a copy of these images to take with you.
  • Same day results consultation with your Preventicum doctor.
    The opportunity to go through your results from the day including your blood tests. Please note that some of the results take slightly longer to analyse and will be available in your final written report.
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans
    At Preventicum we only use x-ray free imaging investigations. MRI scans of your brain, heart, central arteries and organs of the abdomen and the pelvis will be performed. Our two, state-of-the-art MRI scanners are equipped with ‘in-bore’ technology where you have a choice of music or film to create an immersive audio video visual experience. Paired with ambient lighting and reduced noise, anxiety and claustrophobia are greatly reduced.
  • AMRA Body Composition Testing using MRI
    AMRA transform over 1800 MRI images from a 6-minute whole-body MRI scan, into 3D-volumetric fat and muscle measurements. AMRA® Profiler enables outstanding accuracy and precision when assessing volume and distribution of fat and muscles, as well as metabolic status. Please note that your AMRA body composition results will not be available on the day of your Check-Up. These will be sent to you as part of your comprehensive report with a breakdown and explanation from your Preventicum doctor.
  • Perspectum Liver Scan
    A specialised, new high-tech MRI scan creating detailed maps of your liver, highlighting damage from either fat, inflammation or iron overload. LiverMultiScan is a very accurate, highly visual, patient-friendly report on your liver health. Preventicum doctors were the first in London to use this technology and can detect and monitor liver disease precisely with our own, on-site state-of-the-art MRI scanners.
  • VO2max test
    Cardiopulmonary exercise testing, also widely known as VO2max, is a measure of aerobic, cardiac fitness and endurance capacity. At Preventicum, VO2max can be measured on either a treadmill or a stationary bike where clients will start with a gentle walk or pedal. A mask is placed over the face so that the rate of air (the volume), can be measured. Over time, the test becomes harder as the incline and the speed is increased until clients cannot maintain the effort and the maximum level has been reached.
  • Resting and exercise ECG
    ECG is used in diagnosing many electrical heart abnormalities. The exercise ECG can help to show if there is the possibility of significant coronary artery disease. During the Elite Check-Up, the exercise ECG is performed at the same time as the VO2max, usually on the stationary bike.
  • Spirometry (lung function test)
    The spirometry test is used to determine lung function and to help to detect lung disease.
  • Ultrasound examinations
    We scan the carotid arteries, abdominal aorta, liver, gallbladder, biliary tree, pancreas, kidneys, spleen, urinary bladder, uterus and ovaries in women and the  prostate in men.
  • Body Composition Analyser
    The InBody 720 now forms part of all our Check-Ups and, provides very accurate in-depth results in less than 2 minutes. Using 6 frequencies and analysing 5 body segments, we can obtain a detailed, highly accurate map of body composition using 30 impedance measurements. Visceral fat which is the fat around the central organs can also be measured and this is currently the most medically relevant type of fat as it can increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease. The Oedema Index is also measured which shows water balance and can help in determining some diseases. Lastly, dual segmental muscle graphs show the tissue composition and symmetry of each body segment (upper/lower body and limbs). The feedback we have received since introducing the analyser has been excellent and it is proving very popular as it provides instant feedback to our clients with highly accurate results that can be trended over time.
  • Vital observations
    Height, weight, BMI, resting heart rate, blood pressure
  • Over 45 blood tests and urine analysis
    We will perform extensive blood and urine analysis to check the most important parameters. Over 45 different tests are measured on the blood sample, including a full cholesterol profile, liver tests, kidney tests, a full blood count, thyroid function tests, Hba1c (diabetes test), and PSA on men over 50.
  • Hearing test
  • Tonometry (Glaucoma/eye test)
  • Full written report with significant trend analysis (when we have data from returning clients).

Risk analysis, further investigation and treatment

Early diagnosis is only useful if relevant action is taken to reduce future risks. Therefore, we will also discuss any appropriate lifestyle changes that could help lower your long-term risk of specific conditions. In the event of any abnormal results, our doctors will be able to arrange further tests or consultations with the appropriate specialists if you wish. The Preventicum team will be available for additional information at any time after your initial Check-Up.