Unique, X-ray free MRI scans

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses a magnetic field – instead of X-rays – to provide images of the body. MRI scanning is based on the representation of the magnetic characteristics of water protons, which exist in large numbers inside the body. The basis for the examination is provided by a strong magnetic field inside the tunnel of the MRI scanner.

MRI provides extremely accurate images of the body, including a 3D image of your beating heart. In addition, the brain, central organs and arteries of the abdomen and pelvis can all be scanned painlessly and effectively.

After your MRI scan, you will be shown all of the images as our radiologist takes you on a virtual tour of your body.

Sample Preventicum MRI images

MRI Brain brain2-thumb cow1-thumbheartchamber1-thumb heart1-thumbheart2-thumbangio1-thumb angio2-thumbKnee (7) copy

MRI can be carried out on joints, limbs and a number of other areas. The cost of this with referral can often be covered by your insurance company. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to enquire about this.

Other Medical Services

At Preventicum we recognise that there are a number of other specific concerns that affect our clients which they would like to investigate either as part of their Check-Up or separately. As a result we are able to offer medical services which are preventive checks in key areas such as sexually transmitted infection screening. Please use the menu on the left to view the details of what we provide.