Jamal Saleh

As one of our radiographers, Jamal will guide you through your MRI examinations and is responsible for your wellbeing during your time in the MR room.

Jamal graduated from the University of Genoa in 2014 before completing a Level I Masters in ‘Specialised MRI techniques’, gaining experience working with different scanners including GE (3T), Siemens (1.5T), Philips (1.5T) and dedicated Esaote (0.5T) open scanners. In 2016 he relocated to the UK where he worked for 3 years at Luton & Dunstable Hospital as a cross sectional radiographer, performing a wide range of scans, in particular: muscoloskeletal, angiograms, neurology, gastroenterology and dynamic pelvic scans.

In his spare time, Jamal enjoys travelling, football and squash.