“At Egon Zehnder, we protect our consultants in a number of ways, including offering regular health assessments at Preventicum. It is proven that a healthy workforce produces better results so by encouraging our consultants to have regular assessments, we are ensuring we have a healthy, motivated team in place.

In our competitive profession, we don’t take the health of our consultants for granted. We feel comfortable knowing that we are protecting the health of both our employees and our business, therefore giving everyone concerned reassurance and peace of mind.

Preventicum is very professional service, from the initial discussions with their Business Development team who put together a bespoke proposal based on our requirements, through to the booking procedure with the timely arrival of the full medical reports direct to the individual consultants.

Both the administrative and medical teams are highly professional and experienced, making the whole experience enjoyable and efficient at every stage.

I would not hesitate in recommending Preventicum to other organisations looking to protect their key staff and business.”

Andy Cuthbertson