After diligently searching for a provider of health, fitness and nutrition coaching to complement our services, we are delighted to announce our official collaboration with Goal Master. Goal Master’s founder, Paul Harter, was a partner of a major international law firm for over 25 years. After receiving concerning results from his annual medical assessment, Paul transformed his health through good nutrition and exercise. He also became more successful in his career and happier in his life.

Paul put together an exceptional team of evidence-based nutritionists, fitness experts and habit change coaches. Lifestyle interventions can be difficult to implement. Goal Master was conceived as a solution to the unique challenges faced by busy professionals in London. Guidance and support from experts have never been more important than now. In this video, Don Graham (Head of Coaching, Goal Master) shares his top five tips for staying healthy while working from home.

Goal Master is offering clients of Preventicum a complimentary consultation with a member of their team to discuss your individual circumstances. Goal Master’s experts will help guide you towards what you should be doing right now to maintain and improve your health and fitness as well as thinking about your longer-term goals. Click here to find out more, get in touch with Tim Clarke, Head of Client Relations, to book your complimentary consultation  or call: +44 (0) 7910 003 146