“Health and fitness have always been close to my heart and I try to ensure that I perform to my maximum potential in whatever activity I happen to be doing, from rugby to dancing and even cooking!
Having lost my grandfather to bowel cancer and watching my mother suffer from the same disease, has made me all the more aware of how vital it is to take an active role in looking after ourselves. This also led me to become involved with the Beating Bowel Cancer charity. After all, we are responsible for our own bodies and we can make a real difference to our performance.
I constantly assess my diet and fitness to ensure I am in good working order on the outside. More recently, I started to wonder how I look on the inside and I went to Preventicum for a through health check, an Ultimate Check-Up. Preventicum is a high-end private clinic and although it was a serious experience, the professional medical team made me feel relaxed and I really enjoyed my day.
The Check-Up started with a consultation and physical examination with a doctor and was followed by a series of detailed tests including cardiac examinations, ultrasound scans and blood tests. The best part was the MRI scan of my brain, heart, arteries and colon, which is radiation-free. Even better was then meeting the radiologist who took me on a ‘virtual tour’ of my body and I even saw my heart beating in real time.
Preventicum makes sure that your results are available within a few hours, so by the time I finished all my tests and had eaten a nutritious lunch, the doctor was already waiting for me to have a debrief and results consultation. Thankfully he told me I am in full working order inside and out – it was invaluable to be given this peace of mind.
The doctor then gave me advice on how to maintain my fitness and good health now that I’ve retired from professional rugby and we spent some time discussing early signs of bowel cancer. The disease claims 50 lives every day in the UK and yet we are still embarrassed to discuss the symptoms. If diagnosed early, 90% of bowel cancer patients could be totally cured, a fact that should no longer be ignored.
I would highly recommend Preventicum if you want to take an active interest in your long-term health. They offer a thorough health check that gave me the ultimate peace of mind.”
Matt Dawson MBE, Ex-England rugby player and Patron of Beating Bowel Cancer