We are very excited to announce the arrival of our new Body Composition Analyser, the InBody 720, a state of the art machine which provides very accurate in-depth results in less than 2 minutes. Using 6 frequencies and analysing 5 body segments, we can obtain a detailed  highly accurate map of body composition using 30 impedance measurements. Visceral fat which is the fat around the central organs can also be measured and this is the most medically relevant type of fat as it can increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease. The Oedema Index is also measured which shows water balance and can help in determining some diseases. Lastly, dual segmental muscle graphs show the tissue composition and symmetry of each  body segment (upper/lower body and limbs).  The InBody 720 Body Composition Analysis now forms part of all of our checkups and is a significant advance in our service. A very detailed and highly accurate Body Composition report is now included in all of our assessments and looks like this.

The feedback we have received since introducing the analyser has been excellent and it is proving very popular as it provides instant feedback to our clients with accurate results that can be trended over time.

We are also excited to announce that we have recently upgraded the software on our Phillips MRI scanner which gives us significantly  higher resolution images. Whereas our scanner used to be an 8 channel system, it is now a 16 channel system and along with a newer higher resolution body coil and higher resolution work station monitors for our Consultant Radiologists, we are already seeing the difference in image clarity as scanning technology improves.