As one of our radiographers, Sara will guide you through your MRI examinations and is responsible for your wellbeing during your time in the MR room.

Sara graduated as Diagnostic Radiographer in “Escola Superior de Saude da Universidade de Aveiro”, Portugal. Following this she worked in a diagnostic clinic covering CT, X-Ray and MRI.

In 2012, Sara relocated to the UK, where she joined a BMI Hospital, working in X-Ray, theatre, and fluoroscopy and in Harley Street, specialising in MRI and CT. Sara is MRI, competent in many Musculoskeletal examinations, Neuro, Head and Neck, Cardiac, Colon and Body examinations (Proctogram, Pelvis Ca, Enterography). She is also CT competent with experience in Musculoskeletal, Neuro, Body, Colonography and Cardiac examinations.