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Preventicum ASSESSMENT Pricing

Our range of doctor-led health assessments have been developed by our team of medical experts to provide one of the most advanced health checks in the world. We diagnose existing conditions, evaluate key risk factors and develop a preventive strategy specifically tailored to your lifestyle.

Please note that during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have added an additional surcharge to each of our health assessments. Find out more here.



Our Elite Assessment has been designed for clients who have specific concerns about their physical health and want to improve their general fitness, stamina and endurance. Combining MRI scans of your brain, heart, central arteries and organs of the abdomen and pelvis with a whole spine scan, VO2max test, movement screen, strength and conditioning session and comprehensive blood testing, this sports focused assessment lasts around 6 ½ hours.


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Our Ultimate Assessment offers a thorough assessment of current health and potential future risk factors and is usually offered to the over 35 age group. This health assessment takes approximately 5½ hours and includes focused MRI scans of your brain, heart, central arteries and organs of the abdomen and the pelvis, ultrasound examinations, exercise stress echo, resting ECG, spirometry, over 45 different blood tests, urine analysis, eye pressure and hearing tests and one to one consultations with Preventicum doctors including a same day results consultation.


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Our Essential Health Assessment takes approximately 4 ½ hours and includes ultrasound examinations and echocardiogram, a non-invasive examination that looks at the structure, function and valves of the heart using high-frequency sound waves. This foundation level assessment is offered as an interim between Elite and Ultimate Health Assessments and for those unable to undergo MRI.


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Further Services 


Our services can be tailored to your specific needs with our range of additional tests including individual MRI scans, allergy profiling, hepatitis C testing and STD screening.


MRI Scans


We can perform individual MRI scans to provide highly detailed, accurate images of the body. All scans include a consultation with a Preventicum radiologist and a USB/DVD of your images.


Referral Consultation


A referral is required for MRI scans and other additional tests undertaken outside of our Check-Ups.



Other Services


Many our services are available as stand-alone tests. Please contact us below for more information.


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