Preventicum are delighted to partner with Pure Sports Medicine (PSM) to offer a musculoskeletal movement screen together with a strength and conditioning coaching session as part of our sports-focused Elite Health Assessment. PSM’s team of world-class sport and exercise medicine specialists will work with you to prevent, diagnose, treat and manage any injuries bringing a multi-disciplinary, team-based approach to your health management.  This screen can also be added to our Ultimate and Essential Health Assessments.

What can I expect?

The 60 minutes session starts with a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist consultation to determine injuries, exercise history and video gait analysis. All sessions are tailored to the individual and look at relevant lifestyle factors with a clinical assessment of any injuries. Following this, you will meet a strength and conditioning coach for a full body movement screen and in-depth strength assessment, using a mix of gym equipment, clinical tests, and hand-held strength testing for specific muscle groups.

What happens next?

After your session at Pure Sports Medicine, you will return to Preventicum via the interlinked internal hall. You will leave with a management plan including any recommendations for further treatment and a letter from your physiotherapist, detailing your findings from the day will be included in your Preventicum final report.

What are the benefits of this screen?

  • Help you to prevent injury and become injury resistant
  • Improve your ability to resist ailments
  • Improve and optimise your performance in your chosen sport

How much does this cost?

The Pure Sports Musculoskeletal Movement Screen and Injury Assessment is included in the Elite Health Assessment and can be added to the Ultimate and Essential Health Assessments for £250. For more information, email or call 020 7605 6900 to book.

Nutritionist Appointments

Pure Sports Medicine also offer appointments with their specialist nutritionists. These entail a review of your health history alongside your desired outcome or goals. Their nutritionists will discuss your diet, digestion, sleep, exercise, supplementation or medication and any previous lab tests. They will also carry out a physical examination (specific to complaint) and a body composition assessment.

Based on this information, and a combination of subjective and objective metrics, the nutritionist will propose an individualised nutrition plan, a movement plan and lifestyle/​stress strategies. Your plan will be monitored, and you will be provided with specific coaching to help you stay focussed on achieving your goals. For convenience, they can also offer video consultations. For more information, email or call 020 7605 6900.