Cancer Research UK have recently reported that kidney cancer rates in the UK have reached 10,000 cases a year for the first time, marking a 30% increase in annual kidney cancer diagnoses over the last decade.

Although smoking has been cited as a major risk factor, experts believe that because there hasn’t also been a rapid increase in lung cancer, it cannot be the sole explanation. Rising obesity levels, another key factor, could also explain the increase.

Although there has been no new research investigating this potential association, European studies between 1966-88 found that the risk of kidney cancer increased by 7% for each unit increase of BMI. Cancer Research UK’s figures estimate that about 25% of kidney cancer cases in men and 22% in women are linked to being overweight.

The charity says that as with most cancers, early detection of potential symptoms gives the ‘best possible chance of survival for patients’.

Kidney cancer often goes unnoticed because many people are unaware of the potential symptoms. Newsreader Nicholas Owen said “My recent diagnosis of kidney cancer was a total and utter shock. Perhaps the greatest shock of all was that I didn’t even know that this type of cancer existed. Thankfully it was caught early, and surgery was able to remove my cancer. But I can’t emphasis enough how important it is to go to the doctor when you feel something is wrong, especially if you find blood in your urine.”

 Symptoms of Kidney Cancer:

  • Blood in the urine, this is the most common symptom of kidney cancer but please remember that most people with blood in their urine don’t have kidney cancer, in the majority of cases, it is caused by an infection, enlargement of the prostate, or kidney stones.
  • A lump or mass in the kidney area

Other symptoms can include:

  • General tiredness and fatigue.
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • A high temperature and very heavy sweating
  • A persistent pain in the side or loin  that won’t go away
  • A general feeling of poor health
  • High blood pressure

At Preventicum, we take a full medical history perform a general physical examination ,analyse a  urine test as well as detailed imaging of the kidneys by ultrasound as part of all of our Check-Ups.

We have detected several kidney cancers over the years and usually at a stage before any symptoms were apparent

For more information on kidney cancer, visit Cancer Research UK