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Bowel Cancer Awareness

There are 42,000 new cases of bowel cancer diagnosed annually in the UK.* The positive side of this worrying statistic is that over 90% of people will survive if diagnosed at the earliest stage. At Preventicum, we offer all clients over the age of 40 years, bowel cancer screening with a quantitative faecal immunochemical test (QFIT). A positive QFIT test indicates that you have bleeding somewhere in your gastrointestinal tract. This blood loss could be due to ulcers, bulges, polyps, inflammatory bowel disease, haemorrhoids (piles), swallowed blood from bleeding gums or nosebleeds, or it could be due to early bowel cancer. A negative test is very reassuring whilst a positive result would be a prompt for referral to an expert gastroenterologist in our specialist network. 

*Cancer Research UK 

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