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The idea of a health assessment might seem daunting, however the care and close attention you’ll receive from our medical staff ensures you’ll have a comfortable experience.

Valued Clients

As well as being endorsed by well-known individuals from many walks of life, we have also been championed by private and corporate clients who have been able to avoid life-changing health issues after being assessed by Preventicum.

Client Stories

Lung Cancer 

Our client, a 61-year-old Company Director, returned to Preventicum for his third assessment. Our client was fit and well, living an active and busy life. Our Consultant Cardiac Radiologist saw a 6mm lung nodule in the background of our client’s cardiac MRI scans.
Our client was urgently referred for a follow-up CT scan. Our client attended an appointment with a specialist who made the decision to watch this for three months. During this time, the nodule grew from 6mm to 12mm. A specialist biopsy operation at St. Batholomew’s Hospital then confirmed this was lung cancer. An operation at The Royal Brompton followed where 55% of his lung was removed. Our client was active straight after his operation and within three months was back to riding a bike, playing golf and running at 80% of his previous fitness. Our client is extremely grateful to the Preventicum team and returned for his next health assessment the following year.

Fatty Liver 

Our client, a 48-year-old Managing Director, booked his first Preventicum assessment. He had a history of Crohn’s disease which was not causing him many problems but otherwise was in good health. Our client’s average alcohol intake was elevated at 25 units per week, he was a longstanding smoker and had a suboptimal diet and elevated cholesterol. He had recently also lost 11kg in weight. Following his abdominal ultrasound and LiverMultiScan, our client was found to have a mild to moderate fatty liver. His liver function tests showed an elevated gamma GT, very high serum iron, high transferrin saturation and elevated ferritin.
Our client was referred on the same day to a Hepatologist who confirmed his Preventicum Doctor’s suspected diagnosis of haemochromatosis. Our client’s diagnosis gave him the impetus to make key lifestyle changes as he stopped smoking and reduced his alcohol intake, as well as having treatment for his haemochromatosis.

Large Aortic Aneurysm 

Our client, a healthy Orthopaedic surgeon in his late sixties, booked a Preventicum assessment. He was known to have high blood pressure. During our client’s ultrasound scan, a 7cm abdominal aortic aneurysm (ballooning of the major artery running down the centre of the abdomen) was seen which had a high risk of rupturing.
Our client was immediately referred to see a Vascular Surgeon who performed an urgent repair to the aneurysm through the main artery of his leg. Normally, large aortic aneurysms remain undetected with sudden death being the first symptom. Five years on, our client is doing very well, having made a good recovery with follow-up monitoring revealing the aneurysm to be fully repaired.

High –Grade Atrioventricular Block 

A female client in her mid-fifties booked a Preventicum assessment after experiencing shortness of breath climbing stairs and was anxious about her health. During both the exercise stress echocardiogram and cardiac MRI scans, abnormalities were seen.
Our client was urgently referred to see a Cardiologist by her Preventicum Doctor. Further investigation revealed a high-grade atrioventricular block and a pacemaker was successfully fitted. Our client reported an upturn in her health and general wellbeing after this procedure and is very grateful to the Preventicum team for their care.

The benefits of lifestyle changes

Our client, a Managing Director in his late fifties, attended his first Preventicum assessment in 2022. He was identified as having high levels of visceral fat, a fatty liver and severe thickening of his heart muscle (related to years of high blood pressure and elevated body fat). Our client discussed the importance of these findings with his Preventicum Doctor who made recommendations to reduce his risk of earlier-onset cancer, heart attack and stroke. Following his assessment, our client changed his diet and lifestyle and took a significant decision with a specialist to have gastric sleeve surgery.
At his next assessment in 2023, our client’s body composition analysis showed markedly reduced visceral fat levels and a 10% decrease in his percentage body fat. Our Consultant Cardiac Radiologist noted significant improvements to his heart muscle and function when compared to his previous cardiac MRI scans and his LiverMultiScan showed improvements and were within normal limits. Our client continues to enjoy his improved healthier lifestyle, no longer needs to take blood pressure medication and is following our recommendations to start an exercise routine to see increased positive changes in his cardiac physiology. We look forward to welcoming him back to Preventicum in 2024.

Kidney cancer

A 54-year-old Finance Director booked his first Preventicum assessment, feeling in generally good health with no specific concerns to address.
During his abdominal ultrasound and MRI scans, a suspicious kidney lesion was seen. Following a comprehensive discussion with our team, we referred our client to a Consultant Urologist for further investigation. Under the expert care of this specialist, a malignant kidney tumour was diagnosed. Our client had a successful operation to remove the tumour and thanks to our very early detection, he has not needed any further treatment as the surgery was wholly curative. Our client is thankful to the Preventicum team for our role in the successful diagnosis and management of his kidney tumour and has scheduled his next annual assessment.

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