Dr Modha completed his BSc in Physiology, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at King’s College London in 2005 qualifying with distinction in Clinical Medicine. He has worked in a variety of speciality teams in NHS hospitals across London and the South East of England and qualified as a GP through The Royal Free London VTS in 2010.

A digital health pioneer, Dr Modha is co-founder at myHealthSpecialist, a platform that helps GPs and patients find specialists that have been recommended by doctors. He also founded ‘Tiko’s GP Group’ (TGG), now the largest GP-only social media group in the UK and the most popular for postgraduate GP education.

He was named in the Pulse Power 50 most influential GPs in the UK for 4 years running and currently serves as a Mentor for clinical innovators at the Royal College of GPs.

Dr Modha has a passion for lifestyle medicine and believes the way in which we choose to live our lives has a profound impact on our long term physical and emotional wellbeing.

Understanding which behaviours lead to more favourable health outcomes and how they can be implemented and maintained is particularly important.

At Preventicum, Dr. Modha will oversee your health assessment, meeting you for your in-depth initial and concluding consultations and will provide you with a comprehensive report outlining any key findings.