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OS-CMR, a world first in preventive health assessments

Press Release: February 2024

Preventicum and Area19 Medical partner to launch a pioneering cardiac MRI scan as part of the world’s most advanced health assessment.

Preventicum London, the leading centre for preventive health assessments has partnered with Area19 Medical, a pioneering medical AI organisation to introduce Oxygenation-Sensitive Cardiac MRI (OS-CMR) as a ground-breaking cardiac fitness technique. A world first, this cutting-edge approach enables the testing of coronary vascular function in just two minutes, using MRI with AI-informed image analysis, without the use of medication or exercise.

Dr Matthias Friedrich, the leading pioneer of this method and co-founder
of Area19, said ‘We have developed and tested this analysis of the blood vessel function in the heart in unprecedented detail, all without stress or drugs, for many years. More than 10 studies at various institutions across the globe have demonstrated the unique ability of this test to detect malfunction of the coronary arteries. We are delighted to be working with Preventicum to offer their clients this advanced imaging test to complete their one-stop cardiac assessment.’ 

Dr Christoph Juli, Consultant Cardiac Radiologist at Preventicum commented ‘We had already developed an extensive assessment of the heart; the addition of OS-CMR perfectly complements the tests and offers us a way of looking at the heart in even more detail with a completely safe and highly efficient technique.’

Dr Ying-Young Hui, Medical Director at Preventicum said ‘We are really excited to be Area19’s first partner. Incorporating OS-CMR into our new Optimal Health Assessment takes preventive healthcare to a new level. We are able to provide our clients with more information about their heart wellness than ever before. In combination with the other tests we offer, an Optimal is truly the world’s most advanced health check, giving our clients unparalleled reassurance.’

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