Check-Up Options

  • Ultimate

    Our Ultimate Check-Up takes approximately 5 ½ hours and includes unique, x-ray free, focused MRI scans of the brain, heart, central arteries and organs of the abdomen and the pelvis. Usually offered to the over 35 age group.
  • Essential

    Our Essential Check-Up takes 3½ hours and includes ultrasound examinations and echocardiogram. This foundation level assessment is also offered as an interim between Ultimate Check-Ups and for those unable to undergo MRI scans.
  • MRI Scans and Other Services

    MRI scans provide extremely accurate images of the body. At Preventicum we can perform individual scans as well as other services including allergy profiling, Hepatitis C testing and STD screening.

Corporate Clients

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"Preventicum certainly saved my life"

Baroness Karren Brady
of Knightsbridge CBE

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